Opportunity knocks


The majority of my blog posts recently have had some element of managing change. There has been a reason for this. I tend to write about what I am experiencing personally, what challenges me and my reflections at the time. This not only helps me to clear my head and to focus on the positive but I also hope that in sharing my experiences I can help and encourage others.

I have been going through some MASSIVE life changes myself. In the past 12 months I have decided to take complete responsibility for my life and for making it the happiest I possibly can. This process has not always been an easy one. It has been emotional at times, at other times exciting but mainly scary. I have had to face my fears, my insecurities and let go of a lot of situations and things which are no longer serving me and allowing me to grow.  I am also lucky that I have a fantastic support network around me who are encouraging me to keep dreaming every step of the way!

I have been for a VERY long time one of those people who moans about their life. How they are not happy but also someone who doesn’t do anything about it. Why? Fear, that’s why. Change is scary, no matter how big or small. I know some people who fear changing their routine, others who fear changing their situations and some who even fear changing the gas and electricity supplier they have!

However, I am beginning to learn that in change lies opportunity. You can see change as a good thing or a bad thing. Either way it’s going to happen!

Every decision I have made in my life, and every decision that I continue to make has consequences. We are taught from  an early age that decisions have “knock on effects”. Most of the time we are taught to think carefully about our decisions beacuse they could be the wrong ones and everyone wants to get things right!!!

What if I told you that there are no wrong decisions. That all decisions can lead to positive opportunities. You just have to look for the positive in the situation. Some decisions can involve letting go of something which is not serving us any more and that is where most people hesitate. For example, what if you were really unhappy in your present job and were offered a fantastic opportunity in a new position? You could think, well I am comfortable in this job. I don’t like it but I know it well. I can do it, its easy and I feel safe. What happens if this new opportunity isn’t as good as I thought? What happens if I don’t enjoy it? What happens if I am not very good at it?

These are the “What ifs” that keep you trapped. Try to see it as your minds way of looking after you, trying to protect you and keep you safe. Once you realise this you can thank it and reassure yourself that you can handle anything that comes your way. What if this opportunity is the best thing that could ever happen? What if you are amazing at this new job and you get promoted within a year? What if you don’t like the job but it allows you the chance to learn some new skills which in turn lead you to an even better job? You won’t know the answer to any of your “what ifs” unless you challenge yourself and make the change.

Life has a way of working itself out, whether you decide to go along with it or not. You can not always change the things and events that happen to you but you can CHOOSE how you react to them. I hope that once you have read this post you will choose to see the opportunity in your decisions.

Thank you for reading and following my blog. There will be more posts explaining the opportunities I have decided to make for myself within the next few weeks. Until then have a Fabulous Friday!


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