Woman’s best friend

I’ve had a stressful day. It started off really well and Poppy was happy to take over the responsibility for guarding the sofa…with her eyes half shut.

As the day progressed more and more things came up for me to deal with, as they so often do when you are trying to sort out things. I found myself being pulled in different directions and my stress levels began to rise. Personally I prefer to focus on one thing at once!

The reason I’m sharing my day with you is because of Poppy’s reaction to my stress. It has been scientifically proven that being able to bring your dog with you to work can lower the stress levels of an entire office (as long as the dog is well trained and doesn’t run off with your colleagues sandwiches).

As my stress levels rose Poppy began to watch me intently and moved purposefully from her comfy position on the sofa. She laid next to me, eyes huge, making sure as much of her body was touching mine as possible and constantly nudged my hand for head tickles. She has not left my side all afternoon, choosing to follow me from room to room where as this morning she was happy to curl up and snooze.

How did this effect me? Well as soon as I was pestered by a little head nudge I began to change my focus. After a few minutes I felt myself calm down and I could problem solve a lot better.

So the solution to our stressed out society!? Get a Dog! 🙂



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