The great ocean of life

Are the only journeys and ways to travel in life that go in a straight line those that are made by humans? In our present society it is considered desirable to travel from A to B as quickly as we can. I often think about life’s journey and wonder where I am going and how I will get there. Experience tells me that I am wasting my energy and I should just “go with the flow” and I will eventually end up at my destination. However, I find that it’s human nature to want to wonder how and why and where and what? We ask ourselves these questions out of fear, even if it is masked by curiosity. My dad always said that people only fear that which they don’t understand. Wise words. In fact, I have come to realise that the more I try to figure things out and see my journey towards my desired destination the farther away I am from the true journey I was required to take to get there. Sometimes I might even change my mind regarding what my final destination is! Real life bends and weaves like the natural flow of a river making its way towards the ocean. The only straight and narrow journeys from A to B are those that are enforced, and how much will we have missed upon the way without having the detours of those bends. A bend can give us a whole different view of the same thing we have grown accustomed to looking at on our journey. The morale of the story is to go with the flow of the river and allow the twists and turns of the journey to provide you with a different perspective, which in turn will increase your knowledge and learning. Never forget your ultimate destination which is the great ocean of life. It is waiting for you to arrive to explore it. Have a great week šŸ™‚ 20140202-232436.jpg


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