The key to success….

key-737977There was a time in my life where I held on to everything. I kept things just in case they would come in useful one day. That was also a time in my life where I seemed to stay stagnant and not be moving forward. I felt stuck in my past.

Then, one day, I got motivated (and annoyed) and I began to clear things from my life that I no longer needed. The more I cleared and sorted and gave away the better and more motivated I felt. I felt like I was making way for something new, something big.

From this moment my life has started to move forward. I now believe that the more you have the less you move and I am not just talking about physically!

The same process can be applied to your thoughts….the more you clear the thoughts and create a sense of calm and emptiness, the more you make room for new thoughts, ideas, concepts to come forward. Things that have probably been lost in the clutter in your mind.

Simplicity is the key here. Like the photograph above…..if you only have one thing in shot, you only have one thing to focus on! This object becomes centre stage and nothing else distracts you from it. This is your goal, you ambition or what you want to achieve for your life. Hold your focus on that one thing and allow nothing else to distract you from it (a lot easier said than done – but practice makes perfect!). Remove the clutter from around it so you can allow it to stand clearly on its own.

Just for a day, 10 minutes, or even 3 minutes, try to clear your mind of all thoughts, all to do lists, everything. If you need to first create the space and motivation for this, clear a drawer, tidy a desk and physically clear some clutter.

Focusing on one thing at a time is taking little steps towards success.


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