Are you photographing reality?

How does this photograph make you feel?

How does this photograph make you feel?


Are you photographing reality or is it your perception of reality?

With so many amazing photographic tools and methods available to us it has never been easier to communicate using pictures. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you are trying to communicate?

When you next take a photograph ask yourself why? Why that subject, object or “thing”? What was the purpose and why do you personally want to share this with the world?

Is it to express the emotion or mood you felt, such as a moody landscape? You might want to alter the tones in this image so it reflects the mood that you felt when you took it.

Is it to amaze and wow people because what you saw took your breath away? To share your experience with others to inspire and motive them.

Or is it to show what you feel joy and happiness for?

Do you photograph to show desperation and desolation, to open the world’s eyes to a different form of reality?

Or to show friends and family something you are all connected to, such as your new born baby or a child? To share your life with those who are important to you.

How do you use photography? I would be interested to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Are you photographing reality?

  1. Stephen says:

    I am never photographing reality… I am responding to a feeling I have and interpreting what I see. I don’t think anybody can truly photograph reality because it’s all relative to the person taking the photo. Maybe it’s best to ask, how do you see the world around you?

    Stephen (I like the shot.. :))

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