The first step is always the hardest!

2013 11 13 The first step


It is one of the things that can strike fear and uncertainty into most people.


Well our basic human instincts compel us to seek out stability and security. Change rocks stability and security.

What we forget when we are in the middle of changes is that we have a choice. We can not always choose the changes BUT we CAN choose how we react to change.

We can fight the change. Scream and shout “No I don’t want this to happen!” This can work effectively to delay the change and give us a brief feeling of control in our life. However, life is a cycle and change will always come back around again. To constantly fight against change is exhausting and a waste of our precious energy.

Alternatively, we can accept that change is actually a normal and natural part of all life cycles. Look at the changes in seasons we go through every year, how the plants, trees and animals around us adapt to change so effortlessly. What is their secret? Acceptance!

Learn to observe the things that you can control and accept that there will always be things, circumstances and events that are beyond your control.

Imagine that you are in a rowing boat. You are on a rapid and you are desperately trying to steer your little boat to safety. You are so engrossed in what you are doing, in trying to regain control that you do not notice where you are going, what is going on around you. All you can feel is the exhaustion of fighting against the current.

I invite you to rest for a while, to pull up your oars and allow the boat to be lead down the river. Now you are no longer fighting you can rest, regain your strength and observe the view, perhaps even begin to enjoy the ride.

In other words, if you can’t control the change then pull up your oars and go with the flow.

Choose to take control of your life, take the first step and then allow yourself to go with the flow! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and who knows what will happen when you get to the top of that staircase!

Have a great week!


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