Special places

In today’s blog post I want to take you back to being a kid. I don’t know about you but I had a favourite place. This was my special place, where I felt safe. It was my thinking place, my drawing place and if I ever felt sad or confused at the world I knew I could go to this place and everything would be Okay again. This place could have been your bedroom, a den, a garden shed, it didn’t matter it was yours. For me it was the dog’s bed, but only when the dog was in it! Mad but true!

Then we grow up!

School trains us to think logically, to process ideas and concepts and to work towards getting a good job and function as a cog in the wheel of society. We begin to grow up and out of “silly ideas” and concepts from childhood. Life becomes so full of different things demanding our attention and we forget to take the time to refresh ourselves. Life becomes a treadmill.

But what if you decided to step off the treadmill, just for a moment, and to go to your special place from childhood? What would happen? The treadmill would still be there when you returned to it. Hopefully you would feel different. More refreshed, happier and ready to run with life?

I want to share with you my special place now. Unfortunately my dog’s bed now is far too small for me, so I had to discover a new place. I don’t want to tell you where it is as there is a solitude there which I love. I love how the seasons change the feel of it. I love how the sun glitters through the trees, how the trees group together to protect me from the rain and how I feel an unbelievable sense of calm and belonging. I can even have a moment of childhood maddness and climb a tree! This is my special place. When the world feels too much this is where I go to come back to myself, to find my balance. It helps me to focus and return to myself so that I can continue my day, my week with more energy and passion and drive.

Where’s your favourite place? And if you don’t have one….maybe its time to relive your childhood and find one. Good luck!

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