There are two ways to deal with fear; one is to confront it the other is to run from it.

Fear manifests itself in many different ways depending on the person you are and how in tune with your emotions and thoughts you are.

Some people get aggressive when faced with something fearful, the fight or flight response. Others choose to avoid the fear, to not face it and their world gets smaller and smaller as this becomes habit and the mind creates more and more things for them to become fearful of.

The hardest but most liberating thing to do is to face your fear.

When I was climbing into a plane to do my parachute jump I was terrified, but I knew there was only one way down and I had the chute! I faced my fear.

Facing your fear does the opposite of hiding from it. It EXPANDS your world and your experience of life. When faced with something fearful you start to think thoughts such as, “well when I felt like this when I did X but I got through it so I know that I can again”. It’s brain training in its most basic form.

Change the way you think about fear and what is scaring you and you will change your association to that thing, person or event.

It really is your choice! Ask yourself do I want to spend my life in a small world because of fear, or do I want to live my life to the maximum?

Oftentimes, the thing our mind creates to prevent us from facing our fear is never as bad as we think…..False, evidence, appearing, real.

2013 10 FEAR IMG_6491 7 x 5


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