The Bigger Picture

Have you ever had a problem and when you’re in the middle of it you can’t see the wood for the trees? The solution seems impossible and the more and more that you look for answers the less you find. You end up going round in ever decreasing circles; you think you are on the right path just to find you are back at the beginning.

The contrast of this is like standing on top of a high mountain and taking in the panoramic view. Every turn you make allows you to take in another piece of the amazing, breath-taking view.

I found some old photographs the other day. They made me smile as some of them were of a panoramic view. I had taken several shots, moved the camera purposefully and tried to maintain the same eye level so that when the succession of photographs were printed they formed the amazing view I had seen.

Now you can create the same panoramic images on your digital camera, even on your iphone, the technique is the same but in our ever increasingly demanding and impatient world we want to have the photograph instantly.

This led me to think about the bigger picture. Going back to the first questions I asked you, when you are in the middle of a problem, a worry, a life changing event, you are so consumed by the event that you are rarely able to take that all important step back and see the bigger picture, the panoramic view. You want to rush to the end and I’ve found that my impatience only causes me more stress and aggravates the whole experience. It is only when you are through the event or problem that you are able to see this and make sense of its purpose and hopefully understand what it has taught you.

Someone once told me that if you want to see the view, you have to be prepared to climb the mountain first. When you get to the top, don’t forget to take a panoramic photograph! It will remind you that the view is worth it!

Blog 20 10 2013 IMG_0812


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