Follow the sunshine of life….

Following the fabulous weather we have been experiencing recently my dog, Poppy, has been making me giggle by constantly relocating throughout the day following the beam of warm sunshine that is gracing my living room! As the warm suns rays make there way across the living room floor, she shuffles her bed across to ensure that her doggie solar panel is fully charged.

It got me thinking about how warm the suns rays can feel on your skin. If you expose yourself too long you will get burnt. Now think about how far away out sun is from the planet. How far the suns energy has to travel to reach your skin. It’s a miracle that a sun beam is still warm by the time it reaches earth, but this is the power of energy!

If you transfer that idea to the power of positive thinking, that positive thoughts towards someone can light them up and warm them like the suns energy you can see why people enjoy basking in the warmth of a positive person!

You have the option to choose whether you will send people lovely warm rays of positivity or you will turn the light off and leave them in the coldness and dark. Before you choose, ask yourself how would you like to be treated by someone else? And if all else fails, bask in as much light as you can like Poppy, that way you will fill your own solar panel and radiate that energy naturally!



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