The awesomeness of nature

There is a field near where I live that has just been bought for development. Within a year it has been transformed from farmer’s crops to a building site. However, while the builders are focusing systematically on one section at a time, nature has decided to meet them half way.

Within the year since the land has been left to itself nature has reclaimed it and transformed it into a sea of wild flowers, dancing butterflies and colour. The transformation is truly magical and a powerful reminder that nature is strong and was here first.

If the entire human race left the planet today within a few months our deserted buildings would be reclaimed by nature. I only have to look at the ever stubborn weeds in my garden to know that it does not take long for things to start to grow in an empty space.

Now take that awesomeness of nature and apply it to you, as a person, as an individual. You are a product of nature. You grow and change and adapt. Now if, in your mind, you made some space, you cleared away some weeds of negative thoughts and outdated beliefs what would you choose to plant there instead? What weeds do you think that you need to remove?

A weed is something which you do not want to grow, something which left untouched will take over and control your garden gradually squeezing out all the things you would want to see there and draining the fertile soil of enrichment and good nutrients.

What thoughts and beliefs do you not want to grow? What outdated thinking do you not want to take over? How much weeding do you have to do?

Once you have recognised this, you need to also decide as you are pulling up these weeds and taking control, what do you want to grow instead? This is YOUR garden, only you experience it in its true splendour. Others may be able to have a sneak peek but this is all yours.

What is harder? Deciding what to let go of or deciding what to let in?

Alternatively, you could take the easy option and let the weeds take over. After all gardening takes time, dedication, persistence, patience and a lot of energy and strength. The choice is yours. How much time are you prepared to put into the perfect creation of you? And how amazing does it feel to sit back and look at your garden, enjoy being in your garden and spending time there knowing that you created this perfect and unique space.

2013 09 12 The awesomeness of nature

2013 09 12 The awesomeness of nature 2

2013 09 12 The awesomeness of nature 3


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