Balancing act

Whilst I was texting a friend, I decided to take a few moments to check my e-mails on my phone…I do love technology! I was distracted with a twitter post and an hour and a half later I suddenly snapped out of my trance like state. That is the only way I can describe it. My head was buzzing with the conversations, posts, opinions and realities of people across the globe. I lost track of all time and felt that I had been sucked into an alternative dimension.

In an attempt to ground myself I decided to take Poppy for a walk. As I was walking I became aware of the sounds around me, of the stillness, how there was no breeze, the birds quietly tweeting in the background and how peaceful everything was.

Two contrasting feelings, which one made me feel the most connected to myself? There is a lot to be said for technology. It is brilliant how social media is allowing people to express their individual thoughts, feelings and opinions in a myriad of ways. However, is this the reality that you are living in. Life is all about balance. Ying and yang, good and evil, happy and sad. Without one you would not be able to truly appreciate the other.

How much balance do you have in your life? Do you take time out to spend in nature or doing the things you love, or being with the people you love?

Life is also about sharing experiences, and in an attempt to join technology with nature please find this weeks blog photograph. Hopefully, you will take a moment to bring some balance back into your busy life just like it managed to do with me.



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