Purposeful thinking

I love this time of year when the corn fields are full, the morning smells fresh and the sun is still shining (hopefully).

Sometimes people can be so wrapped up in their thoughts and their heads that they forget to stop and look around them. An example of this was the other day when I was sat alone in a tree, just because I can and I needed to sit down. I was listening to the birds and watching the sunlight dancing through the leaves when a family walked through into the clearing where the tree was. I sat and smiled waiting for them to see me and not wanting to make them jump. However, they carried on talking, moaning about their week at work. They didn’t see me. They were in this beautiful place yet remained completely unaware of their surroundings. Their bodies may have been there but their heads weren’t! They stopped, waited for the kids to catch up and then carried on noisily through the wood, completely oblivious to my existence.

There is a lot to be said for living in the present moment. It is the only moment where you have true control and power over your life. If you are thinking about an event in the past then that is where you are living. You are making choices and decisions about the future based on the past, because that is where your head is! Likewise, if you are worrying and thinking about the future you are not in the present. You are recreating the events and experiences that you fear will happen in the future because that is where you are living.

So I invite you all to close your eyes, take a deep and purposeful breath in and then breathe out slowly. Open your eyes and really look around you. Congratulations and welcome back to the present! Perhaps you can try this exercise throughout your day? You may be surprised at what you see!




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