A whole new perspective

After what seemed like forever the ballet pumps, tired and weary finally came to a rest. They were thrown off by the wearer in disgust and laid at the bottom of the passenger foot well, exhausted and shocked by the whole experience. It wasn’t just the experience of the journey but the rollercoaster of emotions that they had been on while on the journey.

The journey home seemed like a much shorter one. The ballet shoes were shocked, tired, bruised and torn. Life would never be the same again!

When they were eventually set down in the hallway they looked up at the now noble hiking boots sat proudly on the stairs. How could they ever say sorry? How could they ever explain what they had been through an learnt. It was all too much.

However, they didn’t have to say a thing. The hiking boots simply sat smiling, dropped an eyelet in a wink and went back to contemplating. Probably reminiscing about the amazing scenery that they had experienced thought the ballet shoes.

It was weird, they thought as they settled into the soft pile rug, but although they knew they were never alone because they went everywhere as a pair. Through this experience they felt so isolated and lonely.

SO what happened to our shoes that were taken completely out of their comfort zone? Well they went on to do great things! Their whole experience left them so shaken that they began to appreciate life in a completely new way. They became garden shoes, sitting at the back door and venturing outside now and again to put the washing out or fetch the bins round. This suited them just fine as it gave them pride of place to educate the new shoes coming through the house. After all it’s a big wide world out there and you never know when you could be whisked off on an adventure that takes you completely out of your comfort zone!

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