A shift in perception

The ballet pumps were still trying to work out exactly where they were and what they were doing there! They couldn’t even see each other to ask for they were covered in a fine layer of dust. What was even weirder, after a brief rest they were off again! No consideration for what they were going through, there was no stopping, no resting it was relentless.

The million questions of why started going through their minds again. There was a feeling of desperation and a real appreciation for what they had left behind. They had never actually realised how lucky they had had it! How perfect and easy their life had been, and how they had never had to endure torture such as this.

The shoes began to feel guilty now. They had always laughed and teased the mucky, muddy, dusty old hiking boots that sat loftily in the hallway. The hiking boots always had a musty smell to them that made the girly ballet pumps screw up their insoles in disgust! I mean, why would you?

However, now they were beginning to appreciate the thick, hard leather that the hiking boots were made from. They began to understand why they stood so proudly, and they began to feel quite guilty for their naïve reactions to the hiking boots.

As the journey continued and the shoes grew weary they began to stop asking millions of questions. They realised that panicking was doing them no good and they actually began to pay attention to their surroundings.

It was now that they truly understood why the hiking boots stood loftily on the stairs and refused to respond to the other shoes pathetic jibes. It was because they got to experience THIS…

The view was spectacular, like nothing that the ballet pumps had ever imagined existed. They could see for miles!

The tables had turned though and every time they went past another pair of shoes they recognised the same musty smell and felt the same lofty presence. Some boots huffed at them, adding that they were ridiculous others refused to acknowledge them. This was wrong….the ballet pumps had always been the centre of attention. They made the outfit, they completed it and they added to it. They were never looked down upon, teased or scoffed at. They were the ones who would do that.

The ballet pumps began to feel something else completely different to anything that they had ever felt before. Isolation, sadness, and an overwhelming feeling of not fitting in.

For a popular pump this was unheard of! However, it also got them thinking about how they had made many other shoes feel like this. They were so busy basking in their own importance that they never realised what affect they were having on others….it had never mattered before because it had never directly affected them. They had no experience of it, no reality of the other shoes life and perceptions, but all this was now changing.

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