Comfort zones

It all starts with a simple pair of ballet shoes.

The shoes were sat quite happily at the back door of their house. They had had an easy life. Being ballet pumps they were worn in the summer and never had to endure the harshness of the winter months. They were waterproof to a point, but had never had to worry about being used in the rain. No these shoes had lead a relatively sheltered life up until now!

The shoes were so comfy that they were perfect for driving in on a long hot summer’s day. This particular day the drive went on for a lot longer than usual. When the motion of the vehicle eventually stopped and the shoes were kicked off and left in the foot well they began to relax. The best thing about being shoes is you are never lonely because they always come in pairs; you always have someone else to talk to!

This day something very odd happened….the shoes were gathered up and put back on. They began to wonder what was going on as the ground they were walking on was not the usual soft dry grass or hard smooth tarmac. There were sharp little stones that nipped and bit at the rubbery soles. This wasn’t pleasant.

At first the shoes began to feel angry. How dare this happen to them! Why is it happening to them? Did the wearer not know that this is not what they were use to? Why would someone do this to them? What had they done wrong?

After what seemed like ages to the shoes, but in reality was probably a few minutes the anger subsided as they found themselves on soft dry grass. Now this was more like it! Then another feeling came over the shoes. Fear!

What was going on? Where were they going? Why were they here? What was happening?

All these questions we ask ourselves when we first begin on a journey went through them and penetrated into their soles….

It was hot and warm and dusty and unpleasant! After what seemed like hours of being poked and prodded by uncaring gravel and being covered in a fine layer of dust, the wearer finally came to a standstill.

Blog 23 07 13 IMG_0266



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