Ebb and flow

Sometimes you have to be taken completely out of your comfort zone to truly appreciate life.

Have you ever had your head in so many things that you haven’t realised you have missed something or forgotten to do something until it’s too late? There are two options when this happens you can either turn back and be more prepared for the next opportunity, or you can decide to give it a go anyway. You are already there so you may as well!? And how do you know if and when that next opportunity will come along?

Life throws many curve balls at us and it seems that the more we try to control every detail then the more frustrated we become because there always seems to be more and more obstacles in our way when we choose to take this path.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why this happens?

You have made the decision to control everything. Why? What are you scared of happening? What is the worst that can happen? And realistically what are the chances of it happening?

Sometimes it helps to take a step back.

The decision ultimately rests with you. It is your life and you are the only one living it. People can walk with us on our journeys and distract us from the pain and hurt, but they are not directly experiencing the same reality of that journey that you are.

Maybe life is not meant to be controlled and moulded, perhaps it is the spontaneity of it, the unpredictability, is what actually creates the moments we treasure the most.

So you can either choose to row your boat against the current and struggle, or pull up your oars and see where the river takes you. You never know it could be somewhere that is beyond your wildest dreams!



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