The journey’s end

Grant wearily snuggled into a new, larger backpack. He was tired, exhausted but strangely more content than he had ever felt in his life. For Grant his journey had come to an end. There was a feeling of sadness as well mixed with anticipation of what was to come now.

As Grant reflected on the past few weeks and all the things that he had learnt on his adventure he began to question whether our journeys in life ever really end. As one journey ends, a new one begins, because that is the nature of life. It is a cycle and whether you are ready for it or not it will continue to turn taking you with it.

I hope that you have enjoyed following Grant’s adventures through New Zealand. Hopefully Grant’s bravery and insights have inspired you to add a little grapefruit magic to your day. He has become such a major part of my week that it has left me wondering what I will write about next. Maybe the end of Grant’s adventures will also be the beginning of something new on here as well?

Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay

Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay


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