Reality check

Grant was nearing the end of his adventure…he could feel it, taste it, sense it. The trek had been exhausting yet enlightening and he was suddenly feeling motivated. He also felt quite sad that his adventures were coming to a close.

While sat on the rocks having a well earned rest he watched as his human companions were taking photographs of a small waterfall. Two photographs were taken of the same waterfall, from the same place, with the same camera. The only difference between the photographs was the amount of light which was let into the camera. Grant could see on the screen at the back of the camera that the two photographs created a different view of the same thing. In one the water droplets had been frozen in time and were seen as individual splashes. The other photograph showed the movement of the water, blurring its way to join the stream. Yet these two images were of the same thing? To Grant’s grapefruit eyes it seemed like magic…two people could look at the same thing and see it differently!?

How many times in life have you stopped to take a second look at something and attempted to see it in a different way?


2013 Blog 18 IMG_0464

2013 Blog 18 IMG_0463


4 thoughts on “Reality check

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      The second image was taken using a long exposure rather than a filter…something I use to play at doing with my dad when I was 10 years old and had to wait a week for the film to come back from the developers lol 🙂 glad you liked the life philosophy. Grants whole story has been based around that.

  1. Cezane says:

    Let me get this right , the second image is a replica of first and filter applied? or these are two different images with different tuning on the camera? Absolutely Beautiful! I love waterfalls, especially when you are actually at the moment and it doesn’t become all about the beauty the eyes sees but the change of sound the ear hears! Thank you for sharing these images – Cezane

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      No filters, no photoshop. Two different images were taken using different camera settings. One image has a fast shutter speed which freezes the water and makes it appear like droplets. The other image has a slow shutter speed which opens the shutter for longer making the water appear to blur. It’s a technique I learnt when I was a kid when I used film cameras and love to play around with. I love waterfalls too. I can sit by them for ages 😊 thank you for commenting.

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