How many times have you looked up?

Being a grapefruit Grant spent most of his time looking up, except of course when he was on a tree. Grant was beginning to learn about perspective. If you look down at something from a high point it can look completely different if you are at the lowest point looking up. This seemed to reflect how Grant was feeling about the final stretch of his adventure. If he changed his perspective a little things could look so differently.

Many people are provided the opportunity in life to look at things from a different perspective. In fact, you are provided with this opportunity every time you interact with another human being. Each person is living their life from their own personal perspective and that means they are experiencing it in a different way to another person. Through every interaction we have we can choose to look at life from a different perspective…and there is ALWAYS a choice.

When sat comfortably, high up in his back pack Grant would experience the journey from a different perspective to if he was rolling along on a ground level.

How many times have you actually stopped to look up when walking somewhere? On your simple daily journey to work looked up instead of down? What new things would you see and experience that you haven’t noticed before?

As Grant stopped to rest and admire the view of the snow covered plants, he looked up. He suddenly experienced a completely different perspective of his surroundings and realised, with joy, that he was resting underneath his own personal waterfall!

Sometimes if you take the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective it can make life seem a whole lot more beautiful!

IMG_0457 Blog 17


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