An unexpected twist

You know when you’re quite happily getting on with life. You have all the instructions and you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going!? Well why is it that as soon as you feel like this life has a habit of throwing you a curve ball?

Grant decided that it was to keep him on his toes….if he had any.

Well after a good nights sleep, Grant opened his eyes and took a peek outside. His eyes then opened even wider. The ground was covered in a thick blanket of white, soft, snow. Grant had never seen snow before and he was really excited. This was the icing on the cake, it was the final trek of his journey and he was happily bouncing from snow drift to snow drift.

Grant’s positivity was to be tested. After 3 hours of playing in the snow he began to get tired and cold and wondered if he would ever finish this mammoth journey. He thought he would have been there by now and was beginning to realise that he may have completely underestimated the final stretch of this trek. He was also beginning to realise why it was called a trek!

How many times have you started on a path and got half was down it and realised that if you had known what was involved you may not have started it in the first place? Grant was so grateful for the whole experience this adventure had offered him. He was bruised and tired but he had never felt more alive. He began to realise that the demons he was wrestling with were his own and he was in control. The journey itself, every experience that he was having and had had along the way, was interpreted by him. He could choose whether to follow his thinking down a negative path, which was an easy route at the moment when he was tired and drained. Or he could choose to change his thoughts and think about how lucky he was to have this experience, to see snow, to feel snow and to view the mountains in a completely different way to how he had seen them the day before. I mean how many grapefruits can say they have had THAT experience?

So next time you catch yourself heading down the negative path, stop for a moment and see if you can choose to change direction, see if you can see the positive in the moment.

Which did Grant choose? The next blog will reveal all…..

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