Sharing your experiences

Sometimes you make new friends in the strangest of places!

The long trek to Woodshed Creek Hut left Grant exhausted but also elated. As he sat on the worn wooden steps of the hut, he began to feel the presence of someone watching him. A beautiful but quite large Kia bird.

For some time they sat, the two weary travellers, and weighed each other up, not sure whether to trust each other. Finally Grant decided to have a look around and to his surprise his new friend followed him without a sound. They sat by the stream together, not speaking but communicating without words. The land was so peaceful and contentment filled our little adventurous grapefruit. He was so grateful he had someone to share it with.

Bob the Kia, so named because he sat and bobbed his head up and down, seemed just as happy to have company even if it would be short lived. He watched his guests silently and with great interest. This is the first time Grant had met another living thing that he did not know how to communicate with and he found he was watching Bob, watching him.

Meeting Bob allowed Grant to realise the power of the unspoken word. Sometimes you do not need to say anything; sometimes you just need to be present, to offer someone a rest from the day to day grind of life. Sometimes all you need is a polite Bob in a stranger’s direction to acknowledge that your paths have crossed for a brief moment in time. That your journeys ran alongside each other, just for a moment.

In the silence by the stream Grant realised that although he had only just met Bob, and they did not speak the same language, they were sharing the same experience. Grant began to realise that someone else’s reality can be shared in a variety of ways and not all of those are spoken.

How do you share your experience of your reality?

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