Persistence, determination and why?

Have you ever had one of those challenging times where you have started walking down a path, you realise that it’s getting harder and harder. You tell yourself that it’s nearly over, just round this corner and you will be there, you WILL get to your destination. You get round the corner and there is another corner waiting for you and your STILL not there. But it’s OK, you tell yourself you’re nearly there, it’s nearly over, just round this next corner…..

Well, that is the feeling that Grant the Grapefruit was beginning to get. He thought that he had got to the top of the mountain….and he was so wrong. He felt completely out of control of this journey now and he was absolutely right! He knew where he was going, Woodshed Creek. He knew in every segment of his being that he would get there. He just didn’t know when, how and what else lay before him. So what do you do when you are in this situation? When you are exhausted and you know that you have to keep going? Motivation is running low and all you really want to do is sit down and cry declaring “Why me?” at the sky.

You have to ask yourself if that would do you any good!

You know that you have no choice to keep going. You have to accept that you are not always in control of everything that is happening in your life and you have to trust that you will eventually get to your required destination. Why? Well because you actually have no choice. That is what is going to happen anyway so you can either: go with it, look around you and try to take as much positive as you can from the ride. Or you can fight it, and cry and whinge and get upset every step of the way. Either way, you’re going to have to complete this task! It really is up to you how you choose to think and feel about it.

Grant eventually made the decision to stop focusing on the negative. He took some time to live in the reality of the journey and looked around him. He then realised that he was higher than he had ever been in his grapefruit life, and that the views at the top were amazing!


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Amazing views on Mount Sommers!
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Views over to Christchurch in the distance.
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2 thoughts on “Persistence, determination and why?

  1. breathethislife says:

    This is a great story and message. I remember hiking the Narrows in Zion and Mist Falls (up to a waterfall) in Yosemite as a young child on family vaccations. Half way through the treck I would call out, “Dad, are we almost there?” To which he’d reply, “We’re close! Just around the next bend.” He’d say this after each turn, lol! Exhausted, I could have passed out, but instead I tuned out, focused on the trail in front of me and put one foot in front of the other. Ignore the dizzyness, pain, headache; instead focus on the glorious destination.

    It’s only when faced with gut-wrenching challenges that you develop your perseverance and determination.

    ~Breathe Easy ~

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