Fame, what is it really?

Being a grapefruit Grant had never watched TV, nor had he been to the cinema.

From his tree Grant could watch the same patch of garden. Some might think that this would be boring, but Grant enjoyed the stillness. He enjoyed the rocking motion of the warm summers breeze and watching the birds dance through the grass and flowers. Although the backpack he now spent much of his time in reminded him of that same comforting motion it didn’t have the same view, until he was at his destination. Then the views were unbelievable!

How many times have you felt in the dark in life? Like you are just going through the motions of existence in the hope that your destination will be one which will exceed your dreams? Grant recalled a time when he had no dreams, no wishes, no aspirations. He remembered thinking he was content to be like all the other grapefruits on the tree, doing what grapefruits do and not rocking the branches too much otherwise there was a risk he may fall too soon. Grant pondered about fear, and how that fear of falling had kept him safe in the tree. It had also kept him from experiencing all the wild and wonderful things that the world had to offer…it had kept him from living! He suddenly felt a deep sympathy for the grapefruit friends that he had left behind and wondered if, on his return, they would believe his adventures. He began to wonder if he could return, and realised that sometimes you get so far down a path that there really is no going back, there is only forwards.

Aspirations, dreams, wishes, adventure and courage have done a great many things together, they are a formable team. Grant was honoured as he listened to the discussion going on outside the darkness of his back pack. He knew that he had arrived somewhere of some significance. He heard the words, “Lord of the Rings” and “Twin Towers”.

As he was pulled from his backpack an amazing panoramic mountain view was before him. What Grant did not know was that this view was one which had been seen by millions of people world wide, he had no idea how significant the small mound he was standing on was. All he knew was what he saw, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone looked beyond the names and significance that we give to things and saw the beauty that attracted us there in the first place?

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