Disaster strikes?

Grant the Grapefruit’s next adventure was to be discovered in Mount Cook’s National Park. The beautiful panoramic mountain scenery took his breath away and amongst it all Mount Cook stood tall and proud disappearing into the clouds. Apparently, Mount Cook is so aloof that he rarely makes an appearance below cloud level.

Being a now avid explorer Grant settled himself in his back pack for the first hike at Mount Cook. He was happily bouncing around to the rhythmic steps when suddenly there was a sudden bump and he found himself rolling out of the back pack and landing heavily on the hard, cold stones. Bruised and shocked he couldn’t remember what happened next, all he could feel was relief that he wasn’t left behind and was placed carefully back in his safe back pack.

The next morning he could hardly move! He was so sore and bruised. Feeling slightly sulky that he would have to take a day out on his own Grant soon realised that this was actually more fun than he thought it was. As he was gently strolling through the narrow paths he could hear the birds and admire the scenery and of course take lots of photographs!

Just as he was rounding the corner of the hut, he was honoured to be able to view Mount Cook in all his glory in the morning sun with just a wisp of cloud gently contouring the peak. So in fact, what sometimes seems at first a painful disaster can actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

IMG_0198 Mount Cook blog 11

088 Mount Cook blog 11

089 Mount Cook blog 11

090 Mount Cook post 11


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