Back to the future

Grant the Grapefruit was learning so much on his journey of self discovery. He never set out to discover himself, he always thought he was happy swinging on his grapefruit tree. The grapefruit tree was what he knew, it was where he was safe, and it was his ordinary life, his comfort zone. At times on his journey he had regretted his decision to sit on the banister near a back pack, other times he was elated by the new discoveries he was making. However, he was beginning to realise that that’s the thing with comfort zones, you never know that you are in one until you make a snap tiny decision and catapult your life in a whole new direction.

Since capturing a brief feeling of his inner grapefruit while at Curio Bay, Grant was beginning to realise that he had never really known what true happiness was until then. Now that he had experienced that feeling he wanted to continue to experience it but he wasn’t sure how? He began to wonder if grasping at the feeling and trying to cage it like a bird was the wrong method. He wondered how he had got this far in his grapefruit life without realising what true happiness was.  He began to wonder about his future and what it would hold, where he would go and what would happen to him.

In the mental muddle that was now his mind, which was trying to piece together the segments that made him whole, he nearly forgot to look around him at where he was in the present moment. If it wasn’t for a jolt from the mini bus as it went over a bump in the road he would have missed the most beautiful mirror-like glacier lake! Thankfully, the jolt brought Grant back to the present moment and as he marvelled at the scenery he suddenly realised that the present moment is the only place that he would have any chance of experiencing that wonderful inner joy again. He was thankful for his rude awakening from his thoughts and made a note to himself to ensure that he recognised the next time he was drifting into his mind, or drifting too far into the past or future and bring himself back to the here and now. I mean, who knows what he could have missed if it wasn’t for a little jolt on his journey which brought him back to reality and the present moment.

Glacier Lake

Glacier Lake mirror


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