There are some moments in life that make you realise that it is really a truly magical experience to be alive. These are the moments that remind us what life is all about and why we continue to get up of a morning. I am sure that you have heard the phrase the calm before the storm. Well for Grant the Grapefruit the next step on his adventure was to be more like the calm in the eye of the storm! Where everything is going off around you but you remain in perfect harmony and balance. This moment was to be more life transforming that any other moment he had experienced on his adventure so far.

Have you ever stopped to think about the best moments in your life? Have you ever listed them? Maybe now is a good time to do that? I can guarantee that those moments of complete bliss, inner peace and harmony had absolutely nothing to do with materially acquired things. My dad once said that actually holding me as a baby for the first time was blissful, until I started to cry!

Feeling tired and weary Grant was removed from his rucksack and found himself in a run down house. It was simple, no fancy dressings but the view from the bedroom balcony was absolute bliss! A curving beach, with gently rolling waves lapping the sands, no sound, a warm soft breeze and the opportunity to see dolphins playing joyously in the surf. What more could a Grapefruit ask for? As Grant sat on the balcony admiring the view and soaking up the atmosphere for the first time in his short existence he felt a strange inner feeling of complete calm and bliss. It was truly magical!

Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay

Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay


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The Beach House


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