A Feast with Friends

How often do we actually stop and celebrate our achievements, our hard work and actually give ourselves a pat on the back. We celebrate milestone birthdays, graduations, births and many more occasions but these are all generic events that the majority of people will celebrate in their lifetime. What about our personal achievements? Why do we not give ourselves time to celebrate these? Are they any less worthy in significance?

Grant had learnt many things on his great grapefruit adventure. His next lesson was to learn that sometimes achievements can be acknowledged by gathering friends for good food and an evening of laughter together. The group were making a Hangi feast. A traditional way of cooking food which involved a lot of team work: Dig a huge hole, fill it with warm rocks and the food wrapped in foil is placed on top. The soil is then used to cover the food and a fire is lit on the top. The whole feast takes two hours to cook, giving the whole group time to explore the deserted beaches.

This was just the start of an amazing evening. For as the stars came out in the clear night sky, Grant rolled onto his back to admire them while listening to the stories and discussions that were taking place around the campsite.

If you have been following Grant’s adventures regularly you will recall an earlier realisation he had about making the most of the moments of stillness, to reflect on what had been learnt. Well this was another such moment. However, these are only a moment in time and more adventures were to come, but Grant began to realise that on these adventures how many times do you stop and look around…not just at how far you have come, but at the bigger picture of what is creating your life at that moment in time. How many times do you truly see everything in context and are completely honest with yourself about who you are, where you are and where you want to be?





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