Communication and the journey “home”

Sometimes life can be a lonely journey and as Grant begin his 2 day hike along Hunter Range to descend to Green Lake Hut he enjoyed some alone time to contemplate on the journey so far. Being a grapefruit he found it hard to communicate and express his feeling to his fellow travellers. How many times have we felt the same? He realised that everyone communicates in different ways and that the key to understanding people with compassion and empathy, is to first understand how they are communicating. That way you can work out what they are trying to say. This sounds an easy process but requires a great deal of inner strength and a multitude of skills. Some people need to be listened to, to be heard, others need to express themselves through the visual arts, through the written word. When you really think about it everything we do, say and act upon is a form of communicating in some way. Grant was beginning to find that his human companions were quite complex indeed.

As Grant bounced around in his backpack, which was now beginning to feel like home, he also realised that “home” is where the heart is. It is the place where you can relax and truly be you, where you are able to communicate freely and easily and are accepted for who you are as a unique individual. It is the place where you can be true to what is in your heart. There is a unique comfort and reassurance about finding yourself at home. With this realisation, for a brief moment, Grant forgot his loneliness and a sense of peace and contentment filled his grapefruit segments.



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