Embrace the journey?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to hide? Well Grant was having one of those days when this photo was taken!

Often though that moment when we want to hide from the world that’s when we have to push ourselves to get out there and embrace life.

If you look closely at where our intrepid grapefruit is hiding, is it really the safest place to be? When you’re in it, it may seem safe but you can’t stop the wheels of time turning and although it may be OK to rest for a while, this is the best time you have to stand back and see the bigger picture. To embrace the stillness and have a true look around. From here, you might not like what you see but it is your chance to change it. From the stillness you can decide what direction to take when your intuition tells you it is time to embrace the world again.

What did Grant do next? He hitched a ride and carried on with his journey.




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