With a little help from my friends.

When we last left our hero, Grant the Grapefruit, he was enjoying a relaxing trip on the Milford Sound. What he was not aware of was that his biggest challenges were yet to come. Sometimes I think it is best not to know too much about your future. If we all knew what was to happen to us in life then we would probably choose to avoid situations which would involve us facing our fears. Sometimes it’s best to be oblivious to the road ahead and not realise until it’s too late, then there’s no turning back. However, in facing our fears we can feel the most amazing sense of achievement. It makes us stronger, more confident and makes us feel alive!

Grant had always had a fear of heights, being round he knew that in most situations he would roll to safety. However, most of the time when we are faced with our fears rational thinking goes right out of the window.

So after a long drive from Milford Sound to the start of a 2 day long hike through Fiordland, Grant enjoyed watching a lovely sunset. The next day he was faced with his first big challenge….several one man rope bridges which wobbled and creaked with every movement and seemed to be getting higher and longer the further he went! Thankfully, his first challenge was faced with the help of a friend. Our friends are our greatest gifts in life. If you have a friend who is prepared to stand by you through life’s challenges then you have a rare gift indeed. You will find that just knowing your friend is there for you, no matter what or how silly you feel you are being, will give you the strength to face anything, do anything or be who ever you want to be.

This post today is dedicated to all of my friends and Grant’s….from the bottom of my heart thank you!





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