Milford Sound

When we last left our intrepid brave grapefruit he had conquered his first mountain….little did he know that just like all great adventures this was the first of many hurdles he was to overcome. The first hurdle when you set out on anything new and you are not sure where you are going, or where you will ultimately end up, is always the easiest to conquer when you begin to look back at the whole story. It’s almost like a warm up exercise, like an athlete stretching their muscles, and then you are off.

So Grant’s next life question to answer was: Do grapefruit’s float?

Again, Grant finds himself in a bag, but this one is slightly different. Through it he can see a lovely yellow haze and feels a gentle rocking sensation. He can hear the gentle swish of a paddle rhythmically hitting the water and the waves lapping at the side of the canoe. When the bag is opened and lunch is taken out he is awestruck at what he can see. He is in the middle of the Milford Sound and the view from the water is spectacular!

This was the rest before the next part of his adventures, the relaxing part where everything goes still and quiet. He was almost on a mission to find the grapefruit within…the sense of calm and peace had overtaken any fears of whether or not he could float if the boat was to be rocked too far. On seeing the seals, who also seem to be feeling the calm of the Sound and at peace, he did begin to wonder, do seal’s like grapefruit?

The lesson here to learn was that sometimes in life we can ask too many questions which get in the way of just going with the flow. Sometimes our questions are the fear in disguise which is trying to hold us back. If you release the questions and trust, then by going with the flow you can continue on your journey but with a sense of calm that allows you to truly be in the present moment and experience the full beauty of all that surrounds you. After all, that’s what most journeys are about….the ride rather than the destination.

Milford Sound seal

Milford Sound Bull sea;

The beautiful Milford Sound

Waterfall at the Milford Sound


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