That mountain top feeling.

Our brave grapefruits adventure starts a little differently to what you may have imagined. He is in the dark, as I am sure that most of us have been at some points in our life. He knows that something different, new and exciting is about to happen but he is not sure exactly what. This is mainly because he is in the middle of a rucksack, which would probably feel the same as being hidden in a duvet, and can not see anything.

From inside the rucksack all Grant has to go on is his feelings. Once the gentle rhythmic swaying has subsided he feels himself being jolted around. Completely unaware of the encounters which his carrier is facing, such as getting stuck on trees which have fallen and covered the path. Most of the trekkers decided to climb under the trees, but Grant’s adventurous owner decides that she can make it over them instead. The first one is climbed over without any problems. The second is slightly wider and having misjudged the distance and width of the tree trunk, Samantha finds herself straddled across it, with neither feet touching the ground and clinging on for dear life while trying not to look down!

Grant begins to feel the temperature getting cooler and his first glimpse of daylight is at the top of an amazing Mountain, ironically named Key Summit within Fiordland National Park. He is placed on an icy cold metal circle and allowed to admire the beautiful view which he had achieved with minimal effort.

This is how all good journey’s start, completely in the dark, unsure of your direction but with a feeling and a knowing that you are about to begin something amazing which will change your life, and how you view it forever. Although you may have some feelings of apprehension, these are muffled by the intense feelings of excitement. Some people would call these feelings fear, but if you compare the two, fear and excitement, you will find that they are not so different. The difference between them is you decide what to label them as… you live in fear of life and all it has to offer, in fear of change. Or do you choose to be excited by the unknown and the new? The choice is yours, but one will lead you to experience life in all it’s glory, the other will lead to a world which is small and safe.

For our friend Grant, he decided to choose to feel excitement and look at the reward he received at the start of his journey!

Fiordland National Park

Grant checking out the history of the surrounding mountains.

Grant checking out the history of the surrounding mountains.


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