And now for something completely different!

Hello! And welcome to 2013. In celebration of the New Year I have decided to change my blog posts slightly. Over the coming weeks I want to tell you a story. Why?

Well, a story is a means to communicate a message. It can communicate many different messages depending on the person engaging in the story and what they choose to take from it. Have you ever watched a film for a second or third time and seen something new in the storyline that you had not noticed before? That’s because the “new” bit has allowed you to relate it to your life experience at that moment in time. What is important to you or what you understand and can relate to will be different from the last time you watched the film. We are all constantly growing and learning.

A story is a means to share valuable information and useful resources to the reader. I can not think of one culture or religion that does not have stories to tell? The American Indians, Indigenous people, Maori, Christianity, Hinduism etc.

Therefore, I am hoping that by telling you Grant’s story you can take from it what you need to inspire you in your life, and hopefully I will make you smile along the way!

Once upon a time (all good stories start like this!) in a land far, far away grew a grapefruit tree in Grant and Sheryl’s garden. One warm Autumn day, Grant and Sheryl had a visitor called Samantha from a far-away land called Great Britain. Samantha was amazed that her favourite fruit was growing so abundantly in Grant and Sheryl’s garden and, as a gift, Grant gave Samantha a grapefruit from the tree. In order to make the grapefruit extra special for his new friend, Grant drew a face on the grapefruit. This is how Grant the grapefruit got his name and over the coming weeks you will also learn why he has a smile on his face…..



3 thoughts on “And now for something completely different!

  1. southamcyclessouth says:

    Hey thanks for keeping me in the loop with the Grant the Grapefruit story…what a hoot ! Hope all is going well with you…our commercial world is today getting back from Christmas holidays but I’m gonna try to have a couple more weeks before it goes crazy again. Nice and hot here and the beaches are chockablock. cheers

    Grant Southam Campbell Photography phone + 64 (9) 849 7446 mobile + 64 (027) 4722 839 17 Ferner Avenue, Mt Albert Auckland 1025, New Zealand

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