A memory revisited

While looking through my photographs trying to decide what to write about this week I came across a beautiful image which I took on my travels around New Zealand’s South Island. All the memories of the trip came flooding back, the snow, how cold my feet were trekking through the mountains even though I had two pairs of warm socks on! How much fun it was pretending to be a kid again and making fires in the hut stoves from gathered wood. All the friends I made and people I met along the way.

This particular photograph was taken after a lunch stop at Lake Tekapo which houses a famous stargazing and astrophotography centre called Earth and Sky. I remember being captivated by the waters of the lake which were like soft blue glass. The lake is a glacier lake so the waters really were unique. The village also boasted of the most photographed church in New Zealand, purely because of the amazing backdrop!

I recall asking if the trek vehicle could stop for a moment so I could capture this photograph. I sat for a few moments soaking up the view, which was incredible! I loved how the lake mirrored the mountains without imperfection, definitely nature at its best. I remember returning to the vehicle with an incredible sense of calm.

It’s it amazing how you can get all that from just one photograph?

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