The gift of Christmas joy

Well it’s the run up to Christmas officially now! This is a busy time of year for everyone. But if you stop for a moment and think about what Christmas is all about? It’s about spending time with the people you love and showing your gratitude and appreciation for them. But why should Christmas be any different from any other day? We should be appreciating our family and friends everyday!

Sometimes in life we can get so bogged down with, well, LIFE! Key Image Photographers offer you an hour or so away from all that for you and your family and friends to just exist and enjoy each others company!

This weekend I was lucky enough to photograph Scott and Lisa and their family of three! That’s three children with very different personalities! While Reece was happy to sit and smile for the camera, his sisters were more interested in hiding from it! But I do love a challenge and managed to capture some fabulous shots, even if they were suppose to be putting their faces in the frame rather than climbing over it!

To book your Christmas photo shoot please visit Key Image Photographers





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