Turning back time

I hope that everyone remembered to turn their clocks back this morning? All I can say us thank god for modern technology…my clever mobile phone did it all for me!

Technology has moved and changed so rapidly in the past few years. As a photographer I am often amazed at the adaptations our clever minds make to both cameras and photoshop enabling us to produce the perfect image. But what is the perfect image? To me it is different to everyone. It does not have to be an image that is perfectly symmetrical, with an airbrushed model, enhanced backgrounds and nothing out of place. A perfect image to me is more emotive. It captures that one special moment that sometimes in our busy modern lives we miss. It allows us a moment of reflection about what life is all about and a constant reminder to slow down and admire the view now and again!

I started learning photography when I was three, with a basic film camera and an awful lot of enthusiasm an passion for the subject. Although my camera has changed and is far more advanced, with a lot more buttons, my passion and enthusiasm hasn’t and my subjects never seem to change either…I still meet and work with some amazing people who allow me a brief ‘snapshot’ into their lives and that’s what makes time stand still for a moment for me.

The photograph below was taken while two little girls whispered best friend secrets to each other in a wood, just before they picked up two sticks to play with. Not a games console or computer in sight! Sometimes it’s nice to remember that the simple things in life can bring pleasure as well.



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