Family traits

If you have seem my Facebook post you will know that I had a very important photo shoot this Friday! It was probably going to be one of the most challenging photo shoots I have experienced yet. It was….my own family!

My dad had the idea of getting together for a photo as a present for my great aunts 98th birthday.

The first challenge was getting past the practical jokes (someone putting the lens cap back on my camera when i wasn’t looking), then me leaping into shot and making sure we got the sensible, quant family photograph my dad wanted. After the first set of photographs we gave up…having consumed several pieces of chocolate and discovering it didn’t matter which generation we put behind the sofa they would immediately go into naughty child mode, we gave up being sensible and let the true madness embrace.

Moral of the story is, if your going to do something you might as well have fun while your doing it! After all that’s what life’s all about!






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