The beauty within?

So often when I pick up my camera to photograph someone they immediately start to protest. When viewing photographs a client is more likely to pick fault with themselves rather than the quality of the image. It makes me feel sad when so many people want editing and air brushing. It makes me wonder what people are so scared of seeing and why some people can not even bare to look at an image themselves. What is it they are frightened of? What are they scared they will see? What do they not want to see?

I believe that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own right! We should embrace who we are and how we look. Yes, while we may not look like the images in magazines who determines that these are the ideal? We are constantly told from birth to see the beauty within, so why don’t we?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and criticised your reflection? Compare this to how many times you have looked in the mirror and said “wow! I look great! My hair has gone perfectly today.”?

Key Image Photographers focus on capturing the unique moment when people are completely relaxed. It’s a freeze framed moment in time. And I don’t care what the mirror says back to you, I believe that everyone has a beauty that needs to be freeze framed in time.

The images below have had no editing or digital retouching!





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