An alternative view on life!

Sometimes in life it is easy to get bogged down in the moment and you can sometimes forget why you do the thing that you once loved to do! Well today I was lucky enough to have a wonderful reminder of why I love photography and my job as a photographer. That reminder came in the content and blissful form of my 5 year old Jack Russell, Poppy. While out on a much needed walk to ponder life and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sunshine I captured the photographs below of my dog happy and content in her own space, just happy to be herself and to exist!
The cause of Poppy’s joy? A old, manky tennis ball that she had devotedly carried around all day. When capturing the photographs it reminded me of why I carry my heavy camera around with me and why I love my job as a photographer…for the bliss and joy of capturing that one small moment and being visually reminded of it for a lifetime to come.
So my heart felt thanks to Poppy for teaching me some more about life. Where is she right now? Snoring in her basket with her favourite tennis ball as a cushion for her head.
If you would like Key Image Photographers to follow you on a dog walk and capture your beloved pet relaxed and enjoying their natural surroundings please do not hesitate to contact me! It costs nothing to ask.





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