A labour of love…

I love my job! I love every aspect of it! I love meeting new and interesting people and getting a unique glimpse into their lives. I love sharing their love for each other, be that a mother and daughter photo shoot or at a wedding. I love capturing those special moments of unique human connection. I love showing people the photographs I have taken and sharing my creative vision with them. I love that people are always spoilt for choice.
After people have gone home happy and glowing with love for their photo shoot I love creating their final product. I feel that this is just as important as the photo shoot as this is what people will look at for years to come and remember the happiness and joy they felt at that time. This is their memory of love for them to treasure forever! Most of all I love presenting my customers with their final labour of love for them to treasure for a lifetime to come!
I see myself not just as a photographer but as a creator. I recreate people’s happiest moments and if you think about it those happiest moments are always filled with love! So what a very special job I have.
If you would like to capture love or would like to give the gift of love to another please contact me. www.keyimagephotographers.co.uk




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