The boy who wouldnt smile…..

I always like a challenge and I definately got one recently. I had a family portrait shoot booked by a very upset mum who’s son refused to smile for the school photographer. Both parents warned me as soon as they entered the studio that he would not smile for the camera and hated having his photograph taken. I must admit he was hard to engage with….at first. Even daddy turning him upside down didnt result in a giggle.

By the time I had finished with the boxing gloves, space hoppers and he had shown me his favourite stylish Ferrari we had him grinning and giggling. He was so good I had to give him a special lollipop! In fact, he enjoyed the whole experience so much that he sat on my sofa watching the fish in the fish tank refusing to go. And what did I get when he left…..a lovely cuddle and a kiss on the cheek as well as loads of photographs for his parents to choose from! I have included two photographs with this blog – one from the start of the photoshoot and some from the end! Can you tell the difference?

So if you would like to challenge me…..I am looking for families who would like to be photographed on location having a family walk in the autumn leaves. You can even bring the family dog!

Please feel free to contact me –



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