Adventure awaits

Phew! Bertie and Croc have had a manic few weeks. In fact, so manic that Croc actually got a cold! Sneezes and everything. We got a few odd looks when small sneezes were coming from a camera bag! As you know Bertie loves his maps. He was very excited to find one when the car … Continue reading Adventure awaits


Watch this space

Bertie and Croc will be going a little quiet again for a couple of weeks. This is because, yes you guessed it, they are going on another adventure. In fact, they will be visiting a few different places so will hopefully have a lot to tell you when they return.

A special parcel

Bertie and Croc were having one of those days. I am sure all children who start their school holidays experience a day like it. They were bored. They had nothing planned. It was hot and warm and they didn't want to go outside. They sat by the table in the kitchen and felt quite sorry … Continue reading A special parcel